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Essay #2: Self Reflect

I thought it will be interested to start a blog on what I like, which is drawing. It is also a good idea for me to manage myself to draw every week and turn this into my habit. My blog website was supposed to be a place to display my drawings and gather more audiences. There was not any difference between the audience that I imaged and real, they are mostly my friends and classmates in PUB 101. I was surprised that I actually get more audiences on social media (Instagram) than the actual blog. I tried to keep the website layout simple, so the audience can focus on my drawings. I added a photo gallery section as a shortcut to access all my illustrations. I added the tools and software I used for drawings to clarify the process after receiving this as a comment from peer review.

My blog provides colorful illustrations with some thoughts. I wanted my blog to be a relaxing, casual place for my audiences. I hoped they fill connected with some of my personal experiences/thoughts, knowing that they are not the only ones feeling/seeing things this way. I found out that my audiences are not only limited in Canada, but some of them are also from other countries. I believe that the illustrations can be easily understood by audiences whose first language is not English. I only had two comments that I received through peer review. The comments are positive, so it does not effect me. But I did receive different kinds of comments when I blogged a couple of years ago. My blog was mostly about the culture shocks I had in Canada, and most comments I had was just my readers sharing their opinions under my posts. One of the most memorable comments I had was someone mentioning that I had a lot of grammar problems with my post which I kept all my posts in Mandarin after. I am glad that I did not receive any harmful comments. Most of the anonymous comment I had were encouraging, as Konnikova (2013) claims, “On the other hand, anonymity has also been shown to encourage participation; by promoting a greater sense of community identity, users don’t have to worry about standing out individually“, which make me feel like people are more willing to discuss their thoughts online when it is anonymous. For me, I usually will close the webpage if the sites required to link to my social media account to sign up/comment/read more. I just not want to have any activities being shared on the Internet.

I was a little bit surprised by the fact of not having many audiences viewing my website. Maybe it is because my blogs were not appealing to others, but I also feel like people do microblogging more than traditional blogging. “Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging that allows users to create short messages to be posted and shared with an audience online” (Nations, 2019), which is why media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become more popular these days. This reflects on the result for my publications, I had more audiences on Instagram than my blogging website. I think it is because people are on their phones often than their computers, so it is easier to get mobile users to interact on social media platforms.

I do not think I will be continually blogging on this website, but I will keep posting on my Instagram account. It feels more rewarding to have people like or comment under my posts. I did sort of reach my goals since the beginning of the semester, which is making drawing into a habit. Although I need to admit that it is a bit hard to consistently updating a sketch every week, there were some weeks that I just not felt like drawing or did not have time to do it. Also, I think I will want to publish my works on YouTube because there are more than a billion users on it (The rise of social media). Almost each of the bloggers I followed start their YouTube channel so they can earn money from the commercial played on their videos. Thus, I think the technologies have changed the way people receiving their information, media creators should always keep themselves on-trend.

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