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Process Post #7: Analytics

I used to blog a couple years ago when I moved to Canada. My blog was about how the lifestyle is different between Canada and Taiwan. Since my blog was written in Mandarin, all of my audiences are people from Taiwan. I made a lot of friends through the blog and the reason I stopped the blog is that the blogging site was permanently shutting down.

I have been blogging on that site for around 6 years, I had a lot of regular audiences. From that experience, I found out that when and what you post effects a lot on the click-through rate. I usually post on Friday night around 8-10 pm in Taiwan time (GMT+8). That is the time when people get off of school or work and enjoying their night before weekend. If I post at the time, there will be more readers comment or liking my post compare to posting during weekdays. I also found out that my readers were interested in article such as cultural differences, for example, Western and Eastern’s dating culture and education systems, etc.

For the Illustration of Everyday life, I found out that I have fewer audiences than I predict. The majority of my audiences are from Canada, there are some audiences from Australia and the United States, but I think most of them are my classmates in PUB 101. I have more audiences to interact with me on Instagram than my blog. I will say it is because most of my content are pure drawings, so it is easier for them to view it on the image-based platform than blog. I think this is what I should be consider when starting the blog.

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