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Process Post #8: Channel

For my online publication, I think Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and the physical publication may be the best transmedia to incorporate with. Since Instagram has more than 1000 million users, I think the channel will be easiest to gather followers. I can hashtag my post to gather followers who like the categories. Also, the contents that will be posted on Instagram are simple, my drawings with captions.

TikTok is a new media that a lot of younger generations are using. The platform only allows creators to post a short film less than 60 seconds. It condenses all the information from the video into a couple of clips. I personally like to watch videos on TikTok than YouTube because I do not feel like wasting my time with TikTok because all the videos are less than a minute, so I can watch a lot of video at once without spending too much time. I can see my self recording my process and speeding up the process with editing to fit the content on TikTok.

YouTube can be the platform to have a conversation with my viewers, such as how I come up with the ideas or what tools I use to sketch. The video may require a lot of talking, and the process will be at normal speed so the viewers can sketch together with video at the same time.

Last, I will want to incorporate the physical publication is because I think there might be people who may want to have the drawings. I am thinking to have the illustrations printed on the cards, postcards, stationaries or tote bags. Also, making it into a coloring book can be a good idea too.

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